Unvented Hot Water

Unvented hot water systems can deliver large quantities of near mains pressure hot water and are generally suited to larger properties with a greater hot water demand.

unvented hot waterAdvantages of unvented hot water systems

  • High hot water flow rates
  • No need for cold water storage cisterns
  • Systems capable of running hot water and central heating simultaneously
  • Less likely to experience fluctuations in temperature (ie. In showers)
  • Immersion heater backups (in case of boiler/gas supply failure)

How to get your quote

To provide you with a quotation for your new boiler we'll need to visit you in your home. We will look at your existing system, take readings and make calculations. We will  discuss your requirements and preferences. We will also look at heating and hot water controls and your usage patterns. This will then allow us to recommend the most appropriate package of products for your home, ensuring you get the performance and reliability you need.

Since unvented hot water tanks operate at higher pressures than vented and combi systems and have additional safety features installed, these cylinders need to be installed and maintained by boiler specialists who hold a qualification that complies with G3 of building regulations. Of course, all Matt Grange Gas & Oil Heating Services engineers have this qualification.

If you are interested in a replacement unvented hot water system, or would like to know if it could be right for your property, please get in touch.